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Our experienced staff has been supplying designers and manufactures across USA and Europe with cowhides with hair on . We specialize in providing high quality goods for upholstery, decorative and accessory needs.

Most recently, we have expanded our product line of stenciled hides in Zebra, Tiger and other designs to be used as area rugs, wall hangings or upholstery for chairs, ottomans, pillows, etc.

In addition, we create magnificent rugs, throws and pillows out of cow hides with hair on, either natural or stenciled upon request, in many colors and sizes.


Tanning Process

We start by selecting the hides in raw state, at the very first moment when they are salted.

We choose them by size and colour, according to the request of our worldwide customers.

Once in the tannery, we follow ancient and traditional hair on hides tanning method, plus the most modern techniques that allow us to offer soft, bright and odorless cowhides.

After the natural dry process we once again select hides, and those unable to be used as decorative hides due some defect, are delivered to our patchwork rugs mill where they will be assembled according to the instructions of our customers.

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